Jane Forte Studio



Le Jardin

I grew up inspired by the backdrop of my French Grandmothers garden. She lived in New Zealand, and was a force of nature herself, having created the most beautiful perfumed ‘jardin’ that sprawled elegantly around her home.

I recall dancing with a mop of hydrangeas on my head, making flower garlands and daisy chains in dappled light under the shade trees, playing hide and seek among the gladioli and lying on my back on the lawn watching the clouds float by.

The lavender grown under the clothesline to perfume the sheets, the rambling mandala rose bed, sweet peas cascading from a climbing frame, the moss on the clay pots stacked in the potting shed, tender new growth emerging in the glasshouse and grandmother’s vases overflowing with blooms from her cut flower garden, all made an indelible impression on me which now finds its way onto my painted canvases.

Le Jardin is a collection of sumptuous roses, in a palette that explores the bold beautiful colours of nature and the subtle colour caught in shadows. From lavender greys to golden hued earth tones, palest nude pinks to shots of fuscia and scarlet. There are always surprises in the garden and in the folds of the petals which continue to lead me down the garden path and delight me.

I can recall in an instant those beautiful memories when I turn to the brushes and layer on the blushes of colour on the floral forms, creating my own ‘jardin’ no matter where I find myself’.